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    Adult Dependent Visa

    The Adult Dependent Visa UK  or Adult Dependent Relative visa category is for non-EEA adult dependent relatives of British citizens in the UK, persons settled in the UK, or persons in the UK with refugee leave or humanitarian protection status, who wish to settle here.

    You may apply for indefinite leave to remain in the United Kingdom if you are related to a person present and settled here under one of the following circumstances:

    Parent Aged 18 or over

    • Grandparent
    • Brother or Sister over the Age of 18
    • Son or Daughter Aged 18 or over of a Person (“the Sponsor”) Who Is in the UK

    If you are the sponsor’s parent or grandparent, you must not be in a subsisting relationship with a partner unless that partner is also the sponsor’s parent or grandparent and is applying for entry clearance at the same time as you.

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    Adult Dependent Relative Visa

    It is an adult-dependent relative visa in which an adult relative who needs to have care can come to the UK and will be supported and card by the permanently living UK nationals. There should be document proofs that would help in the strengthening of the case.

    This case is completely based on affection and care. The responsible UK resident should have to prove that he is confident and will take care of the dependent for as long as possible.

    He or she would also make sure that the cost or availability concerns will not affect the care of the dependent entirely. These are some of the most important things to be considered for the handling of the case.

    These cases are rarely filed because the UK is the world’s most expensive country and have the best care facilities ever someone can dream in some other country.

    The public and private hospitals and healthcare design are also idealized by developed nations globally.

    Major Requirements Adult Dependent Visa UK

    The adult-dependent visa is very important for young families whose parents are in the home countries, and they are not cared for properly. The need to bring them to the UK is required to take good care as well as to accompany them. There are some important documents and clauses that are required to be fulfilled in the adult-dependent visa.

    • The person should be dependent on the parent, brother, sister, grandchild, son, or daughter who is permanently residing in the UK.
    • The individual needs extra care, including everyday household tasks because of illness as well as disability due to age factors.
    • The care they need is not available in the home country, or there is no guaranty for quality care at all.
    • The person becoming responsible for taking care will be self-sufficient in regard to accommodation, support, and care without any demand for the public funds.

    The paperwork of the application and other related things that include the documentation about health and medical history should also be mentioned. They are the basic necessities of the visa application. The residents of the UK should present the details which are also mentioned underneath:

    • The UK resident should be above 18 years of age.
    • They should have their own house as well as property so that there would be no problem in relation to the care for the dependent person.
    • The person taking responsibility should be a UK resident.
    • They should be financially strong and must have clear income sources.

    It is important to know that if the UK resident has proven that you are the relative of him and would be able to take care than indefinite leave will be granted to remain in the UK as long as needed. If the UK resident has taken asylum or humanitarian protection or, in other considerations, he is having a limited period of leave; then the adult-dependent visa will be in line.

    How to Apply for a Dependent Visa UK

    If you are looking for a Dependent visa UK, you can consult us for completing your application.

    Our efficient staff is always ready to work quickly to sort out all of your documents and would also help you make sure that everything would be completed perfectly.

    The clients mostly have loopholes in their stories, and our highly experienced consultant will make sure everything would be flawless. We will also design your application according to your case that will help you successfully win the case.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does a ADR Visa cost?

    Applications are submitted  from outside the UK and will cost £3,250.

    What are the ADR Visa requirements?

    The ADR Visa requirements are:

    • You must be the parent or the elderly relative of a settled person.
    • You must be in the most exceptional and compassionate circumstances.
    • You have no relative that can take care of your needs and that care is not available.
    How long does a ADR Visa last?

    ADR Visas are issued on an immediate indefinite leave to remain basis. On the expiry of 5 years a person can submit an application for Naturalisation
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