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    Fiance Visa UK

    There many family visa categories in which the Fiancé Visa is one of the most important categories. It is issued when someone wants to visit the UK to get married.

    People mostly consider the Fiancé and Spouse Visa as the same, but many things are needed to be considered in the fiancé visa, and they are not included in the spouse visa at all.

    This fiancé visa is one of our best services in which we mainly help our clients with a personal edge to successfully pass through all the hurdles and complications.

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    Overview of Fiance Visa UK

    It is a once to use visa that allows anyone to visit the UK to meet their future partners and to get married in the next few months. The main purpose of this visa is to help the traveler to visit the UK and to settle down as well as start living and work.

    It is important to know that in the fiance visa, you cannot start working, but when the visa is upgraded to a spouse visa, then you can work anywhere in the United Kingdom. The fiancé visa can easily be upgraded to a spouse visa with the help of an authentic marriage agreement.

    UK Fiance Visa Requirements

    It is observed that the spouse visa is one of the most generous visas in the UK, but due to a number of different reasons, it is also considered as the highly abused one. Due to this reason, it is considered as one of the most complicated visas due to its extensively long processing. Some couples don’t have nicely maintained chats, while others have no photos or documents of traveling together due to the inability to get the leave from office.

    Surprisingly, the fiance visa is quite easy to get. You only need a few documents and confirmation of having a meet up before the process of visa. It does not have complicated components and documents requirements. The applicant must be above 18 years old and should be able to work in the country.

    Financial Position

    The applicant must have a wage from some, either employment or should be self-employed. This could only be applicable if the applicant is working or living in the UK. Moreover, the fiance of the applicant should be a UK pension holder or should also be working and would not have applied for any public funds. The savings should also meet the wage threshold.

    If the person is incompetent for work, he should have sick pay, maternity paternity, or the adoption pay. All of these pays are considered to be provided when a person is not able to work in any operational activity at all.

    They benefit the citizens of the UK if an individual is permanently living in the country. The rent payments, investments, and share money are also considered with the application of fiance visa application, but the income source documents are required along with as well.

    After Entering The UK, When to Marry?

    It is important that a fiance visa is special, and it is once granted to a couple in a lifetime. You have to get married within the next five to six months on a compulsory basis. If you fail to marry, you will be deported.

    If you are married within the six months of the visa period, you can apply for the spouse visa, which would be provided for six months or two years as per your request or the complexity of the case. It will, later on, proceed to further extensions up to five years consecutive stay in the UK. Later on, you can apply for a permanent stay in the UK.

    Deportation Clause

    In any case, you are not able to get married within six months; then, you would have to face the legal complication, which includes the subject to investigation and final deportation.

    It is commonly observed that due to the lack of information or inability to understand the paperwork and the instruction, people forget to register their marriage to the visa office as well as the visa renewal is also delayed.

    In such cases, the deportation clause will be active until and unless the marriage certificates would not be produced.

    Visa Processing Time

    Common visa processing time is no less than two weeks as well as no more than 12 weeks. Your application can be processed, and you might be called for the interviews as well as re-submission of the documents if errors would be observed.

    In an ideal case, the visa processing time would only be 2-3 weeks, and if your case is complicated and needs investigation, then it will end up to two or three months.


    Sometimes due to the lack of information or the loopholes observed in the information, the home office rejects the visa application. There are fraud cases observed in which the people try to present fake photos as well as fake online chats, which is an important concern.

    If your previous case for any visa request for the UK is being rejected, your current application will fall into scrutiny.

    UK Fiance Visa Cost

    The standard rate for visa processing would be £1,523. In cases that include documents translation, and other verification scenarios, the additional cost will be applied. You can also prioritize your visa processing by driving it on the fast track. It also involves an additional fee.

    If you are unaware of the additional fees or concerns about your documents, you can consult us. We have experts and registered consultants who can provide the best solutions as well as the exact amount that is required to be spent on the visa application.

    Contact us for further details and information that you require if you are applying for the UK. It is a life-changing opportunity for you if you want to apply for a fiance visa to the UK. We will assist you with all the information and will help you to strengthen your case professionally.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does a Fiance Visa UK cost?

    Applications for Fiance Visa will cost £1,523.

    There will be no IHS payment for Fiance Visa as the visa is only valid for a 6 month duration.

    What are the Fiance Visa requirements?

    The Fiance Visa requirements are:

    • You must intend to get married within 6 months;
    • You must intend to live together permanently after you have been married;
    • You must meet the Fiance Visa financial requirements;
    • You must have met each other in person at least once;
    • Your partner must demonstrate adequate English language ability.
    How long does a Fiance Visa last after a wedding?

    A Fiance Visa lasts for six months in total, from the date of issue. During this time, you must get married to your fiance. Once you are married, you can remain in the UK for as long as your Fiance Visa is valid for example, if you had a wedding two months after the date of issue, you could remain in the UK for four month months after the wedding.
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