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    Spouse Visa UK

    The spouse visa for the UK falls in the category of family Visa in the UK. The requirements for the spouse visa are very easy to understand and they are needed to be followed for the quick completion of the approval process.

    A Spouse visa for UK is for the non-UK residents who are aged over 18 and are engaged or married to someone who is a resident of the UK. It is also known as a Partner visa UK that facilitates the people in getting united.

    The criteria for the British spouse visa varies concerning the countries as well as economic regions. The people living in the European economic areas fall in different categories, while the people living outside the European economic area are considered with different criteria. It is necessary to mention that the Spouse visa is only required when you are traveling outside of the European Economic region.

    spouse visa for uk

    Concerns of UK Spouse Visas

    There are two main categories of the spouse visa in UK, and they are based on the family visa category. The spouse visa could be a partner visa, marriage visa UK, or civil partnership based relation. This visa can be extended for permanent residence.

    There are different ways to apply for a marriage visa in UK. If you want to register the UK spouse visa application inside the UK, it would be the extension of the visa that you currently possess. If you are applying from outside the UK, then you might have an expired visa. It is a time taking process, and you need to wait for at least three months for its processing.

    There is a list of strict rules that are required to be followed so that your application would not be rejected while you are applying for the partner visa in UK. They are listed below.

    • Both the traveler to the UK and the UK resident should be above 18 years of age.
    • The couple should be married under the rules and regulations that are acceptable and recognized by the UK.
    • The visa applicant must be married to a UK citizen who is living in the UK.
    • Both the partners must be married for more than two years and should be living together.
    • If you are engaged and have a fiancé in the UK, then both of you should guarantee that you will be married in the next six months.
    • You should have enough financial support to stay in the UK, and you will not apply for any public fund at all.

    Legal Requirements of The Spouse Visit Visa UK

    The visa applicant needs to provide all the necessary information with the application so that there would be no complication at all in the future.

    The visa applications mostly get rejected due to incomplete visa applications or missing documents. The following are the documents that are mentioned in the UK spouse visa requirements.

    • You need to produce all the documents that are listed for the application.
    • The genuine Relationship test is also required to be passed.
    • The minimum income threshold must be met.
    • You need to pass the English language basis test
    • The Spouse visa for the UK comes with the need for accommodation prove that should be provided with financial requirements.
    • The medical test should also be provided, which clearly mention any viral infection or TB problem.

    Limitations of Spouse Visa

    There are a few concerns due to which the UK Visa magistrate is not accepting the visa applications in the spouse Visa category. You have to pass through a genuine relationship test, which is very important for bringing spouse to UK. The genuine relationship test is mostly applied when the case needs some extra support to prove that the partners had a great time together in the past.

    • The partners should have a tenancy agreement or a joint mortgage.
    • Birth certificate of the children that you have together.
    • Some photographs of the past would show that both of you had a good time together.
    • To strengthen your case, you might need to produce the chats and text message logs.
    • Travel documents that will prove your time together.

    Due to the fraud cases, and many other unethical practices, including arranged marriages, the UK Visa authorities have made sure that no UK citizen will be hurt emotionally, physically, and mentally. There are many spouse visa cases which consisted of the arranged marriage and they were utterly rejected due to the unacceptability of the arranged marriage scenario in the UK. Different clauses are revised in the Spouse visa UK requirements 2019 in this concern as well.

    Finance and Accommodation

    The sponsor must be capable of financially supporting their new foreign spouse and dependents without relying on public funds. The sponsor must also provide suitable accommodation for their spouse and dependents, and this must not be overcrowded.

    The sponsor must earn a minimum of £18,600 p/a, and have done so for the six months (12 months if self-employed) leading up to the date of the application. If children are involved, the threshold amounts are greater.


    The spouse visa for the UK can be renewed or extended as per the needs of the applicant. For this purpose, you need to present the British spouse visa extension documents, which are significantly crucial for the renewal process.

    It is mostly a common practice that the first visa issued is of 6 months. During this period, the traveler must get comfortable with the country and its legislation. It is later on extended for two years on the rule of UK spouse visa extension.

    It is imperative to mention that during the stay in the country you should not leave the country at all. After a stay of 5 years with visa renewal processes, you can apply for settled status in the UK.

    When to Apply

    The marriage visa UK mostly takes time for less than 12 weeks, but it is advised to apply before 12 weeks so that if you want to travel in the next 3 months, your visa process should be completed.

    Due to the complicated process, the spouse visa would take complete 10-12 weeks, but in ideal situations, it can hardly make time for more than two weeks.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the cost of the spouse Visa?

    Applications from outside the UK will cost £1,523. For those applying in-country, a Spouse Visa extension application costs £1,033. There is an extra charge for a premium service.

    If you are applying with children, this charge will also increase with each dependent child.

    What are the requirements for a spouse Visa?

    Visa requirements are:-

    • The couple must have entered a valid marriage.
    • The couple must intend to live together permanently.
    • Sponsor must meet the financial requirements.
    • Sponsor must meet the adequate accommodation requirements.
    • The couple must be in a genuine and subsisting relationship.
    • Applicant must demonstrate adequate English language ability.
    How long will the visa application take?

    The Spouse visa will take any period up to 12 weeks and can be prioritised by paying an additional fee whereby the process is streamlined to about 6 weeks.

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