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    Get a family visa for the UK, live with your spouse or relative – eligibility, proof, renewing, financial and English language requirements.

    A family visa is required when you have a close relative with British nationality, and you want to establish a permanent family life with them. Your family can be a partner, spouse, parent, or child.

    There are different requirements for different family visa categories. Some people qualify for the UK family Visa while others do not. Our consultants will perform insightful research and find the best connectivity to plan your case.

    If you already have a work visa for the UK and you are staying in Britain, you qualify for the UK family visa without any sort of complication.

    If you are already living in the UK with a UK visitor visa and you are waiting for some court decisions upon any family relationship matters like divorce or marriage, the family visa category does not apply to it at all.

    If you are a spouse of a UK resident, you will be provided a UK Spouse visa as a spouse. If you are a parent of a UK resident, you will be provided a UK parent visa. Similarly if you are a child of a UK resident, you will be granted the UK child Visa without any complexity.


    Spouse Visa UK

    A spouse visa is required for anyone who wishes to become resident in the UK by virtue of their marriage to a British citizen or a person who is legally resident in the UK. You can easily travel to UK certainly.

    Business Visas UK

    Fiance Visa UK

    If your partner is a UK resident and both of you are above 18, this is the best choice for you to travel for UK. Your partner should have all the documents of indefinite leave to remain in UK if he is not a UK national.


    Visitor Visa UK

    The Standard Visitor Visa is granted for a short stay in UK that allows its holder to stay in the country no more than 6 months. This is the best suited visa for tourism, medical treatment, business tours, and family reunions.


    Child Visa UK

    This is the special visa for a non-EU child to visit his UK national parent. This visa is easy to get with the UK Immigration Rules permitted. The main criteria for this visa is to have the parents residing in the UK.


    Dependent Visa

    The Adult Dependent Visa is the best for the old age UK citizens who want to let their trustworthy caretakers to take care of them. You only have to prove that you need care facility of some trust worthy person.

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