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    UK Visitor Visa

    Requirements for a General UK Visitor Visa

    To meet the requirements for a UK visitor visa, you must be able to show that:

    • You Want to Visit the UK for No More Than Six Months
    • You Intend to Leave the UK at the End of Your Visit
    • You Have Enough Money to Support Yourself and Live in the UK without Working or Needing Any Help from Public Funds

    Previous immigration history and evidence of a pattern of family migration, both here and abroad, are also matters to be taken into account, and a visitor should not normally spend more than six out of any 12 months in the UK.

    Family Visitor Visa

    Anyone who is looking for a visit to the UK for the purpose of leisure, business, or family, he can apply for the standard UK visitor visa.

    The categorization of the Visit is strictly characterized so that there would be the least possible ambiguities and confusion.

    In case you are visiting the UK for the purpose of friends and family reunion or want to enjoy your holidays, they will be considered in the leisure category.

    Categorization of UK Visas

    If you want to make an investment, looking for a job opportunity, or willing to take part in the sports as well as creative events, then your purpose is categorized in the business. Medical treatments and surgeries are also considered in the UK visitor visa case.

    There are many visa types that were being included in the visa categories that are replaced by the Standard UK visitor visa. They include the Family Visitor visa, Approved Destination Status (ADS) visa, Prospective Entrepreneur visa, Sports Visitor visa, Child Visitor visa, General Visitor visa, Private Medical Treatment Visitor visa, Business Visitor visa, including visas for academics, doctors and dentists, and Entertainer Visitor visa.

    The people who are looking for visiting the UK for the purpose of tourism, which includes traveling, visiting places, going into museums, and castles, you will be considered in the Standard Visitor Visa of UK.

    spouse visa for uk
    private medical treatment visitor

    Family and Business Visa

    The UK visit visa requirements are tough. The family visitor visa of UK is also considered in the standard visitor visa as per the UK high commission. For any purpose, the UK visit visa requirements are different and, in some cases, complicated.

    The standard visit visa is now also applicable for business trips, which could be confused with tourism or educational reasons.

    In any case, if you want to visit the UK for attending a conference, training, or meeting as well as doing research or accompanying students for a study abroad program, you can consider the general visitor visa of UK.

    Surprisingly, the reputed individuals or people with good ideas as well as facilitated by different multinational organizations looking for visiting the UK to get funding are also welcomed in the business visa clause of the standard visitor visa in the UK.

    In the business category, there is also a Permitted Paid Engagement visa, which is separately handled by the high commission. In this case, you are being paid to visit the UK Company to visit an expert in the profession you are engaged in. In this category, achievements and recommendations are also required.

    Limitations of Visit Visa

    There are some important considerations that are required to be learned by heart and remembered until the Visit to the UK.

    During your visit to the UK with the standard Visitor Visa, you are not allowed to do some important activities. One of them is doing any paid or unpaid work.

    People come to visit the United Kingdom and prefer to work as a business connection building by attending meetings, watching the workflows, getting assisted by different companies, and many more.

    They are completely allowed legally for all of them, but works like supervision, leadership activities, paid speeches, restaurant jobs, clerical works, and many more are prohibited in the United Kingdom.

    The people try to get married to extend their stay in the UK and to get the nationality, which is commonly considered as a legal activity, but with the standard visitor visa, you are not allowed to register a civil partnership or getting married.

    Due to an increased number of outrageous cases, the government or high commission has completely banned these activities to protect the citizens of England.

    Getting public funds is also a prohibited activity. Since the UK is one of the most important countries with respect to a stable economy and famous for public funding, many visitors try to get public funds, which is completely unethical and illegal. It is counted in a felony and can be heavily charged.

    The time period of the Visit

    The general UK visit Visa is standardized for six months. You are required to bring your own money or arrange everything to make your stay comfortable in the UK.

    This standard Visit is applied to everyone, including the tourists, professors, trainees, and doctors. In case you are looking for private medical treatment, the Visit could be considered 11 months based on the recovery or complications of the case.

    In this scenario, the doctor’s recommendations and the health insurance copies are required to be provided. There is a special case, in which you can consider the Visit to be extended for 12 months or even more.

    It is for the researchers who are academics on sabbatical and are coming to facilitate the research activities in the UK.

    If you are a businessman, you have established your business in the UK and want to visit the UK on a frequent basis; then, you can also apply for a long-term Standard Visitor visa.

    It is a special Visa that can last for 2, 5, or 10 years. You are allowed to stay only six months on every Visit.

    When to Apply

    Many people do not know the exact number of days they need to consider for the process of application. The earliest is the three months period, which involves 90 days.

    The UK visitor visa application should be submitted on 1st April if you want to travel on 1st July. In any case, if you have a family marriage to attend or a conference to attend, you are requested and required to apply at least 90 days before you travel.

    You may apply for a UK visitor visa with all this information, or you can contact us for further details. We will provide you advice and suggestions to improve your application for the visit visa that will help you win your case on your first attempt.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does a visitor visa cost?

    Applications are made from outside the UK and are charged at £95 for a 6 months visit visa. A 2 year multiple entry visa will cost £361, 5 year visa will cost £655 and a 10 year multiple entry visa will cost £822.

    Each trip can only be a maximum of 6 months duration.

    What are the Visitor Visa requirements?

    The Visitor Visa requirements are:

    • The trip must be a short trip and for vacation or visiting family purposes.
    • Each trip must be a maximum of 6 months duration.
    • You must demonstrate that you will return at the end of your trip.
    • You must have enough resources and money to pay for your trip.
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