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    UK Business Visa Advice

    If you would like to visit the UK for business then you need to apply for the standard visitor visa. In the past there was a business visitor visa also known as the tier 1 entrepreneur visa, but that has been discontinued.

    The standard visitor visa has a validity of six months or you can apply for a long term standard visitor visa which grants the applicant entry and stay in the UK for up to six months at a time for up to ten years.

    This kind of visa supports the following activities:

    1. A business meeting, conference or event
    2. Academic research
    3. Filling the position of an observer or attachment as a doctor or dentist
    4. For a performance as a musician/artist
    5. Professional examinations
    6. In order to buy a UK business, join a UK business or for those seeking funding to launch a UK business

    Validity And Duration

    the standard visitor visa which is used for business has a validity of six months.

    If the situation is such that one has to apply for a multiple entry business visa, a long term standard visit visa then these visas can grant the applicant access from anywhere between 2 to 10 years. These visas grant them the ability to stay for many months at a time and be able to enter the UK whenever the need arises.

    If there is a need to extend the visas extensions of the same length as the duration of the actual visa may be granted. Though it is necessary to be in the UK on a valid visa to apply for an extension.


    The documents you need to provide will largely depend on the nature of your visit to the UK, even within the business category the purpose of the visit will matter. Generally these are some documents which are needed for visa applications

    1. Financials to show you can afford your stay in the UK- includes things such as proof of earning, bank statements, evidence of employment etc.
    2. Proof of employment or education- proof that you are either employed through an appointment letter or employer information, evidence that you are a student enrolled in a school or university or proof that you are a businessperson or self-employed.
    3. Plans of your visit- evidence showing the meetings you are going to attend, or a letter of invitation from the organization you are visiting, or details of the things you are going to be doing if you are there on a personal business trip.
    4. For entrepreneurs- if you are there as an entrepreneur then a letter from the appropriate organization will be necessary such as a venture capitalist if you are seeking funding, a funding competition, or a government department.
    5. Trip information- things such as dates of travel, expected expenses and evidence of accommodation.
    6. Personal information- information about your home address, how long you have been a resident there and information about your parents.

    If any of the documents are not in English or Welsh then they need to be translated to English and contact information of the translator needs to be provided if the immigration authorities need to get in touch with them.


    Some of the information can be submitted online through the online forms. In some cases if an interview is required then a physical meeting will be necessary and the applicant will also need to visit the visa center to submit biometric information. Depending on where you are applying from you may be able to provide the documents by post, through the online portal or you may have to hand them in physically.

    Processing time and fees

    After submitting your application and visiting the visa center the application should take no longer than 3 weeks to process. After the process is completed applicants are notified though email. The cost of the visa will depend on the visa type you are applying for, the standard 6 month visa starts at GBP 93, while the 10 year application costs GBP 798. Super-fast service has additional charges of GBP 212 for a 5 day response and GBP 956 for a 1 day response.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does a Fiance Visa UK cost?

    Applications from outside the UK will cost £1,523. For those applying in-country, a Fiance Visa application costs £1,033 or £1,643 with the Premium Service.

    If you are applying with children, this charge will also increase with each dependent child.

    What are the Fiance Visa requirements?

    The Fiance Visa requirements are:

    • You must intend to get married within 6 months;
    • You must intend to live together permanently after you have been married;
    • You must meet the Fiance Visa financial requirements;
    • You must have met each other in person at least once;
    • Your partner must demonstrate adequate English language ability.
    How long does a Fiance Visa last after a wedding?

    A Fiance Visa lasts for six months in total, from the date of issue. During this time, you must get married to your fiance. Once you are married, you can remain in the UK for as long as your Fiance Visa is valid for example, if you had a wedding two months after the date of issue, you could remain in the UK for four month months after the wedding.

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